Product Reviews

If I ever get around to it (and if anyone bothers to read this blog), I’m going to start reviewing some law school related products. I’ll start with one of the products I view as absolutely critical to my keeping my sanity…rather what sanity I have left.

Oregon Blossom Wine

Thank You Willamette Valley Vineyards

That’s right, I said it, I’ve turned to alcohol in my time of need. Without local wineries such as Willamette Valley Vineyards  serving delicious locally grown nectar, the past few years would have been a little less tolerable. I’ve never claimed to be a wine snob, and I know my love of whites makes the real connoisseur’s cringe, but I don’t care at all. This is by far my favorite blend and I’ve even gotten my friends who love red’s to enjoy a glass with  me more than once.


One response to this post.

  1. Love WVV! Also like Stangeland & Bethell Heights… Go flat block Pinot!


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