A lot of you are probably wondering, what’s with the name? Well, after my hubby who I affectionately refer to as Johnny Law on this blog passed the first of two Bar Exam’s he’ll take this year, the Patent Bar Exam last March, I saw a brand new man emerge from the testing center. I thought to myself, “who is this man?”. To my own surprise I soon recalled, “oh yea, that’s the guy I used to date three years ago”.

So, why would anyone be interested in that. Well, a lot of people probably aren’t interested at all- and they’re missing out..well not really. After three years as the wife of an aspiring assh—, um, I mean lawyer, I’ve realized that all of us spouses/domestic partners/significant others have a lot in common. We get to listen to the horrible worst-case scenario’s covered in class, try and be suckered into debates at any time, and have the first words out of their mouths after hearing of another couple in troubled waters be “Where do they live again? If it’s a community property state then he is screwed.”

If nothing else I hope my stories can provide a little laughter to get you through the next year…or three.  At best, I hope you’ll print off my accounts to use as evidence in your next battle of what’s “normal” versus what’s “law student”.

God bless and good luck!


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