Gluttony Is Good

That’s right, I’ll admit it. I have been a complete piece of junk since Johnny Law took the bar and we’ve been excessively eating and drinking our way through the month of August (and ignoring my responsibility to my 3 readers by not posting anything to this blog). I won’t call Johnny Law a piece of junk, but I will blame him for encouraging me to skip the gym and all other productive activities after work so I can come play with him.It’s amazing how much more fun a person is when they don’t hate what they’re doing everyday.

After Johnny Law finished the bar we spent a week in Hawaii. I know that this now makes it impossible for me to complain about anything for at least a couple more months…but who are we kidding, I’ll find something to complain about.

Check out more photos here

After Hawaii we successfully crammed a summer’s worth of weekend road-trips into the month of August. This weekend we’re having a heck of a finale with a wedding (Congrats Chad & Mary!), a baby shower, and a 4-year old’s b-day party (which includes a squirt gun fight). No complaints here.

Today also marks an historical occasion. A new batch of students are starting law school, and today, for the first time since I’ve met him, Johnny Law is not a student. I won’t tell you how many years that’s been, ok I will, I’ve witnessed four years of Johnny Law starting school when I’ve been working.  I think it goes without saying, neither one of us was upset he didn’t get to buy school supplies this year. Instead, he’s at home scouring the interwebz for any possibility of a patent attorney/patent agent/(insert anything remotely related here) job here so he gets to stop being my personal slave and do all the fun things like argue with the Post Office over undelivered mail, and do all the dishes.

I’ve been trying to get him to come on the blog to do a recap of the test and offer his own perspective, but I don’t think he’s quite bored enough yet (don’t worry, he will be soon).  In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a safe, and happy summer. Thanks for reading, and for all the well-wishes.


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