4 Sleeps Til Test Day and an Einstein T-shirt

Whoever counts down by days is crazy- at my house we count by sleeps. Counting by days is confusing to me. Do you count today, and if you do, do you count the first test day? Or do you count in 24 hour increments and then round up to days so you’re really precise?.. Then again, I’m not a law school grad. I’m just one of the serfs in the lower class who doesn’t know anything..

The test takers are on edge and all their nerves are in shreds. Its just time to get this damn thing over with.

Not to mention I’m running out of topics to write about.

While I’ve enjoyed watching many of my friends lose their souls and the will to go on via Facebook status updates, I’m ready to move on. I’m tired of Johnny Law having “an out” for not doing dishes, laundry, or anything else useful to me besides turning on the barbecue.

One the way home for school last week he stopped at Safeway for some comfort food. Chicken nuggets and a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that eating cookie dough like that is something I’ve only heard of women doing..

This week I’ve been a supportive wife by trying to contaminate him with a wicked summer cold I picked up somewhere. Before I took up permanent residence on our couch I did do my good deed for the week by washing Johnny Law’s luck t-shirt.

He got this Einstein t-shirt sometime in elementary school and wore it for every final through last year. Needless to say, it got a little snug. Lucky for him, his sister saw the exact same t-shirt in a museum and picked up a brand new one for him to wear for the bar….if this doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will..


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  1. I get that Einstein’s face is in a galaxy, but it looks like he has hideous boils or something. LOVE the choc cookie dough comment and a the part about his main use being to turn on the BBQ. I think that holds true for all men. Good stuff!


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