Eugene 2.0

A couple months ago I wrote a post about the local culture to give my family a sneak peek of Eugene. My cubicle neighbor at work was shocked at the murals I posted photos of that were a block away from our office (I swear its because we just get used to the unexpected/downright weird down here) so I decided to walk a block in the other direction and post photos to round things out.

I’ll say this about Eugene, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I love the creepy old guy in the top left window. He greets me each morning.

This garden isn't usually obstructed by machinery. Its usually doing its best to hide a huge pit in the middle of downtown.

I also dug up some old photos from the first year we moved here to add to the bunch. Johnny Law and I still come home some days and say, “You’re never gonna believe what I saw when I was coming home from work/school today.”- but of course we always believe it.

Gathering cans for a big payday

Its easy making new friends with Coors Light

Yep, that's tie dye all right


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