Day and Night

What inspired today’s post? Well, after abandoning Johnny Law for a week I told him I’d take him out on a date to do whatever he wanted as a reward for all of his hard work. The exchange went something like this.

Me: “My treat- where do you want to go…I’ll take you out to do anything you want.”

Johnny Law: “Well, I was thinking…maybe we could go see Toy Story?”

Me: “That’s really all you wanna do, I’ll take you to do anything and you pick an animated movie…but ok, Toy Story it is.”

Johnny Law: “Can we see it in 3D?”

Me: “Sure, we can splurge for 3D. Maybe I’ll even sneak some snacks in for you and your 5-year-old friends.”

So we did, and it was awesome. In fact, just like all the other animated movies coming out these days we almost shed some tears. In true Pixar style there was a great short animated movie before Toy Story called Day and Night. Here’s a sneak peek:

As I was uploading some photos from the past month I noticed that I’ve been riding the fun bus while Johnny Law’s daily highlight has been his thermos of black coffee each morning. Pretty sad- pretty much like night and day.

In my defense, I’m really trying to get out of the house/out of the city limits as much as possible as to not distract Johnny Law any more than necessary. Four years of my working and him being a student has proven that even if I’m minding my own business, as soon as he catches my scent back in our house I’m a distraction.

And now, a photo montage..

Drinking buckets of booze with JP in version of fun

Hanging out with a Storm Trooper...Johnny Law's version of fun.

And this is why I usually don’t post photos of ourselves..we look like idiots.

Attempt #1- Johnny Law looks creepy/drunk even though he's only creepy. I look a little high.

#2- We really tried for creepy this time. I lost as usual.

#3- Johnny Law hangs me out to dry by posing nicely.

The end.


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