We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Actually, a more accurate title for this post would replace the state Kansas with Eugene, but Kansas felt more catchy so I’m sticking with it.

As mentioned in my only other post this week (yeah yeah, I had to pay closer attention to my real job all week), I’ve spent the last 7 days in Denver. Instead of doing something worthwhile like sharing some inspiring stories from the conference and the amazing educators who are members of our association, I’ve been lazy and shared some photos from my downtime during the trip.

One night of my trip, I hit up an awesome dueling piano bar (Fact- many people were a lot younger than us, and there were at least five bachelorette parties here). Yes I’m probably too old to enjoy places like this, but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Here comes the part explaining the title of this post. Towards the end of the night the musicians called all veterans on stage, which was awesome (until multiple girlfriends/groupies of the veterans hopped up on stage to steal attention). I was even more impressed when a gentleman found an American flag to wave while they all sang Proud To Be An American.

Half way through the song I turned to my friend who had just moved to Denver from Eugene and said, “We’re not in Kansas anymore..and you guys are loving it aren’t you!” For the record, they totally are.

I didn’t think to get my camera until the end of the song, but I’ve included it so you know I didn’t make this up.

Also, we found Denver’s version of Khloe Kardashian. This in itself was enough to call this a successful night. Just sayin’.

Dance Photo #1

Dance Photo #2


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