Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Rattails

Warning: No rattails were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

Since I live a few hundred miles from my sister, we only really use text messages and Facebook to stay in touch on the most important things in life. On almost a weekly basis, I receive a text message or email from her with an update on our family or life in general that makes me laugh so hard I start to tear up a little bit.

Last month, it was rattails.

If you’re not familiar with rattails, see the picture below for a refresher (we’ve all seen them before), and you can also click this Wikipedia post for a full explanation.

It all began when my sister informed me that she saw a family at her local Wal Mart that was comprised of two rattails and two mullets. Now, my sister is much more fashionable than I am, but even I know rattails are out of style and need to be stopped. All great people, just unfortunate, outdated haircuts.

Full disclosure: While writing this post it occurred to me that I once was kissed by someone in elementary school who had a rattail. In my defense, it was on the bus, during the 80’s, and my bus route went through a trailer park which was completely beyond my control. There is also photo evidence of me having terrible haircuts throughout my childhood. I’m not here to judge, as humans we just need to help each other out.

I’m calling for an end to the rattail. But first, I’ll invite you to share your best rattail photos. It seems that everywhere I go these days, someone has just had an epic sighting, and I don’t want to miss out on any more of them. In fact, when Johnny Law and I went to the beach last weekend, I forgot to take photos of the gorgeous cloud-free day we had, but I took this one of a rait-tailer sharing the bar with us.

It's hard to see, but he's sportin' tail. There's also an attractive woman hanging all over him...he must be rich- there's no other logical explanation as to why she'd put up with that thing.

That same weekend, one of my friends snapped a photo at Winco of someone with a triple-rattail! These things must be stopped.

I’m unsure of what the prize will be, but email your submissions to and I’ll share them with readers and give you photo credit or keep you anonymous- whichever you prefer.

United for an end to the rattail!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Andrea Adamson Nelson on June 19, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Hey Dawn,
    I love this blog!! My husband starts law school this August at the University of Georgia. It is nice to see what to expect. Where are you guys moving to? Was he able to find a job? Sometimes I think we are crazy for doing this, it is nice to see there are other crazy people too. Keep posting I love it.


    PS- we saw a crazy mullet rat tail combo in downtown spokane last week, but alas no photo!


  2. I thought he was starting soon, but I didn’t know you guys were going all the way to Georgia! How exciting! You guys will have a great adventure, it will fly by quickly 🙂


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