Like Sand Through The Hourglass…So Are The Days of Our Lives

That video will probably be the highlight of this post. When it came to thinking of today’s blog post I thought I’d do a “day in the life”, and then this song sort of hit me. I must have it ingrained in my mind from years of walking over to my Grandma’s house to watch soap operas with her. Technically she stopped watching Days sometime in her 80’s, because it was too unrealistic with so many people dying and coming back to life all the time.

But Young and the Restless, General Hospital, and a few others were realistic enough for her…hmmm

Here’s a run down of a day in our lives.

6:00-7:15: At least three different alarms go off signaling us to wake up (not necessarily succeeding). Johnny Law’s always up first (which is much different than when he was in school).

8ish in the morning: Out the door in opposite directions.

8ish at night: Both of us return to the homestead around this time. Oddly enough we always get home about the same time even though our schedules are always different. Kind of eerie.

I light my birthday cake smelling candle to try and cover up the musty/fresh paint smell in our dungeon/apartment and try and scrounge up the least-work-required dinner option. Since we don’t have TV anymore we pop in whatever old DVD we’re on. We blew thru 30 Rock while we were moving so right now we’re on a diet of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings if Johnny Law beats me home, or the West Wing if I win the race.

10:00: I try and hit the sack so I’m not too grumpy the next day. If Johnny Law hasn’t resumed studying, he starts doing some timed comps by now.

12am ish: I assume Johnny Law comes to bed after finishing up studying for the day. Or he could be playing the trombone he has stashed away in our guest bedroom for all I know- I wouldn’t wake up for anything.

…rinse…spin…and repeat


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