Tapping Into Johnny Law’s Graduation Treasure Chest

I finally found a positive out of this law school mess- graduation gifts…ones directed my way. I’ve pretty well milked the graduation cash cow for all its worth. I had two of my own, and I cleaned up pretty well at Johnny Law’s. Last weekend was my final day of glory, and we finally figured out the right way to visit the city of Florence on the Oregon Coast.

A lot of people in Eugene head out to the coast a lot since its just over an hour or so out-of-town, but we’re not those people. The one time we went before we didn’t plan ahead and sort of stumbled around- but now I feel like a seasoned pro. Here’s my tips:

#1: Have someone else pay.

Johnny Law was nice enough to ask for this as his graduation gift from his parents so they hooked us up with a place to stay, golf, and dinner. Best graduation gift ever (granted not mine, so I may be a bit biased).

#2 Go to the Waterfront Depot Restaurant. A reservation is highly recommended, but if you blow yours like we did, you might be able to get a spot at the bar. Downside: This will make you drool over the homemade cakes during your main course and you will not be able to leave without a slice of it. Horde and eat as much of it as you can, it’s phenomenal. Also, take my advice and get the halibut. If you forget, its ok, anyone who works there will tell you to get it also because its famous.

The Amazing Cakes!

#3 Then have a nightcap at Wakonda Brewing. I’ve got to thank Yelp for this one. This is a local brewery (the owner gave me a sample out of a mason jar), and here you’re sure to get the skinny on all the local characters as well as how much they dislike the traffic when tourists are in town. Usually I only like one of the eight or so beers we sample from a “real” brewery. I like two of the four poured here. Johnny Law also said this place had the best stout he’d ever tasted locally. A good-nurtured hop-bashing ensued for a few minutes.

#4 Stay at Driftwood Shores. The place is swarming with families, but some children are cute in small doses, and all their rooms face the beach so you can sit on your balcony and look at the ocean all day long if you want to.

#5 Golf at Sandpines. I’ll amend that. If you don’t care about your score, or getting windburned, golf at Sandpines. It was an excellent course, beautiful to look at, but you’re going to spend a lot of time…you guessed it…in the sand. Totally worth it though.

Since Johnny Law so graciously shared his graduation gift with me, I let him win at golf. Just wanted to make sure I got that in there for the record.


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  1. Posted by Johnny Law on June 14, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Just wanted to let all the readers know – this was the first time I’ve beaten her at golf in a couple years. It was her first time out this year and I went out a couple weeks ago. Not that I planned it that way or keep track. Thought you all would like the background.


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