…And Bar Prep Officially Begins

After a couple weeks of kicking back, today Johnny Law officially sets foot (rather, his behind) back into the same seats he painfully sat in for three years of law school, this time for two months of bar preparation. It seems kind of mean to me for him to have to go back to the place he probably flipped off the day he finished his final exam, but studying five minutes from home really is quite convenient, with limited distractions, so there ya go.

To enjoy his last weekend of freedom we road tripped it to the metropolis of The Dalles. You might be familiar with this town from the AMAZING old-school Oregon Trail computer game (I played it on floppy discs—half the time I made it to victory by caulking my wagon down the river, the rest of the time I died of dysentery).

This weekend the occasion was another graduation, this time celebrating Johnny Law’s youngest sister. The Dalles graduation is hands down the best graduation I’ve ever been to—no offense intended for my siblings or my parents for all of the stuffy ones they’ve sat through. Upon entering I was once again bummed out that I didn’t have my camera, but it was the first day in weeks I’d been outside without an umbrella so I was busy soaking up some vitamin D and was a very happy camper. This was the first high school graduation I’ve been to on a football field, and it had a little something for everyone. There were some nice speeches, and lots of crowning achievements to celebrate, but what we loved was seeing the whole town come out to support the grads. Priceless people watching for the entire family.

See, The Dalles is really awesome!

When we got back home from a fun weekend of catching up with family and old friends, I finally took Johnny Law out for what ended up being his Graduation Dinner /Last (Day of Vacation) Supper. I guess we’ve been busy. We ended the weekend by watching the original Star Wars movie. I’ve never seen the Star Wars movies (or Lord of the Rings, Star Trek etc. etc.), so this was a landmark occasion requested by Johnny Law. He explained all of the characters to me as well as what a landmark production the movie was for the future production of movies (well, the ones nerds watch). He really is a very, very cheap date.

Still not sure if I’m married to someone who just finished law school, or a five year old. But now I know what my five-year-old Godson is talking about since he is obsessed with Star Wars. Oh what an exciting summer this is shaping up to be…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Love it … the Oregon Trail game nostalgia and the Star Wars debut!


  2. Posted by Shrummy on June 9, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    just think what tom missed by not growing up in the dalles, i keep making comments to my friends about how unformal our graduation was and they seem to be almost offended, those crazy dallesians


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