Oh The Joys Of Moving

About a month ago, when Johnny Law was in the midst of finals, I had a brilliant idea. The lease on our apartment was up, and we were talking about going in to renew for the summer—until I realized that we had no reason to stay in our college apartment prison. For the Cougs who read this blog—we lived in the equivalent of Pullman’s CCN (minus the pre-school year rager). It was the best fit our lives two years ago, but Johnny Law’s not in school anymore so why should we be stuck next to undergrads for another day.

In the words of Danny Glover in Lethal Weapons 1 thru 4 “I’m too old for this shit”.

So, I took it upon myself to find an off-campus place at a much lower price (for the record what little standards I had are now gone—that happens when your spouse is unemployed and financial aid has been tapped). Johnny Law naturally could’ve cared less, he didn’t even see the place until move-in day…he’s been a little busy.

Here’s the recap in a nutshell..

2 weekends ago: Graduation

Last weekend: Moving

Next week: Johnny Law starts Bar Prep

Overwhelming realization: We’re idiots

The scene on moving day...when I realized we're idiots

Here are the words we came up with yesterday to describe our new place: efficient, economical, cozy, quaint, retro, snug, passé… you get the idea. This place has those old school wood paneled walls and one tiny shower that I haven’t quite figured out how to shave in yet…but we no longer live by 20 year olds so I’m a pretty happy camper.

Moving for me is a mix between joyful cleaning/starting over and regret for deciding to move. Is it really worth it? Usually we just throw all of our junk into a truck and not worry whether or not it comes back in one piece. This picture of my sister moving a few weeks ago paints a pretty good picture.

Yes, that's one extension cord holding it all down.

That was how we rolled before we got married and received household items that are actually worth something. Have you ever had to move a grandfather clock, antique lamps, and China? Well, now Johnny Law and I know how to do it (and Johnny Law’s still bitching about doing it last weekend).

Sadly this is pretty much our entire life's worth of posessions

I do have to admit that there is something liberating about throwing out old junk. For the past year I’ve been combing through a lot of our junk and donating it to St. Vinnie’s…I knew what was eventually coming. Johnny Law on the other hand has not. This made the move even more entertaining for me. It pains me to now realize that we had made three moves with so many worthless things in his possession.

Exhibit A: A Christmas card from an ex-girlfriend..circa 2004.


After seeing that one I really didn’t want to know what else he had ratted away. His reaction to finding that little treasure was pretty priceless though.


3 responses to this post.

  1. LOL!!!!!! Your sister has grown taller these days… the extension cord trick must be a family trait… and don’t unpack everything if you’re planning on moving up to Seattle in a couple months! 🙂


  2. Posted by Steph on June 8, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    OMG….you are just too much. I love the extension cord part the best 🙂 Although, the Christmas card is also priceless!


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