Two Words: Tie Dye

They came, we celebrated, we conquered.

I’m going to share something very near and dear to my heart. No, this isn’t my favorite entry on Awkward Family (but I’m thinking of entering)—its Johnny Law’s graduation rally squad! Judging by this picture you might think they’ve seen better days, but they really did look smashing at the actual graduation ceremony, as they always do. And these hideous tie dye shirts were my doing—part of their Eugene goodie bag if you will. You see, they braved this hippie-infested city with true vigor and spirit…and all they got was a stinkin’ t-shirt.

Can you say awkward..

Can you say awkward..

You can’t plan a photo like this—it just happens.

Shown here are only 23 of the 30 friends and family who came to root on Johnny Law (after seeing this, the other 7 may count themselves lucky), but we had a blast catching up with them all in our tiny little apartment since our outdoor plans got rained out as usual.

Welcome to Oregon folks.

I did most of the tie-dying myself (I blew it on sizing so I had to run out and buy a few more), and now I have a new skill to put on my resume of things that are only impressive to small children.  Below are a couple shots of my handiwork, and the video created by a sketchy gentlemen I watched to learn how to dye them.

My Special Tie Dye Studio

My special T-shirt Drying Station

Ta-dah- The final product in all its glory.

Now that we started Shrumfest we’ve already been scheming about how to top it next year…another worthless idea for me to ponder.


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