Finals Rally Beard

For all the crap I give him- Johnny Law is really good at a lot of things. Growing facial hair is not one of them.

When Johnny Law’s idol, Conan O’Brien came to town, he shaved his beard and suited up all day to prepare for his performance. When Conan came out sans-suit, and with a mountain man beard, Tom didn’t let it phase him. He just turned his baby face into the beginning of his last ever “Finals Rally Beard”.

If you’re not a fan of CoCo, here’s what he was lookin like in Eugene.

If you don’t know what rally beards look like, see exhibit A, crazy Joaquin Phoenix.

Now for kicks, check out the progress of Johnny Law’s own beard. Even though he always has facial hair, it doesn’t come easy. Without facial hair I feel like I’m dating a 12 year old.

This is five weeks worth of beard. So sad.

He still has three days to go until his last final is complete, but who are we kidding. This beard is not going to get any more impressive.


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