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West Wing Mania Strikes Again!

Two very exciting things occurred last weekend.

  1. Johnny Law’s sister decided to head to Georgetown to attend college next year. (Two huge thumbs up for her!)
  2. This gave me cause to re-watch all 7 seasons of The West Wing (notice I used a lawyer term here instead of a “normal persons” term).

The definition-
a. a ground of legal action; the matter over which a person goes to law.
b. a case for judicial decision.

I’ve had a fascination with this television show since it began airing in 1999. At that time I was definitely not in show’s core age demographic, and to this day one of my best friends still makes fun of me for loving this show that she thought only Grandparents watched.

I completed my DVD collection of The West Wing during Johnny Law’s 1L year. (For those of you who don’t know what 1L means, its what law students call themselves. 1L = 1st year students, 3L= 3rd year students,etc.). I should credit this TV show with keeping me entertained for the first semester Johnny Law was consumed by law school.

In one weekend we’ve watched 2 seasons, and I’ve come to some major life revalations.

  1. I know way to many of the episodes by heart.
  2. It’s not as fun watching them with Johnny Law now that he knows the laws they are talking about and chimes in to tell me about all the cases they cite during their pithy dialogue.
  3. C.J. Craig (aka Allison Janey in real life) looks like a badass in pant suits.
  4. After one episode I once again fell in love with the idea of living in D.C., at which point I walked into Johnny Law’s office where he was writing his comp to tell him to start looking for jobs at the US Patent & Trademark Office…he was not surprised in the slightest at my suggestion…he knows I’m an addict.

I also realized that I turn to watching a new television series whenever Johnny Law is engrossed in finals, papers, and internships. I’m unsure of what this means besides the fact that I have no life and need to pick up some new hobbies.

I’m sure this round of watching The West Wing won’t last through the bar exam, but I still need to complete the latest few seasons of Entourage. I hate to admit this, but last summer I even resorted to watching the entire Felicity TV series. Yes, the Felicity show starring Keri Russell (who I adore) that was originally aired on the WB that was not very good…yet, I kept waiting for each season to arrive at my local library because I thought somehow the finale would justify my sitting through Felicity’s entire college career…and it didn’t.

In my defense I was living by myself.

I digress..

Press Secretary C.J. Craigg, Josh Lyman, and President Bartlett won’t let me down.


You’re Gonna Do What?

As Johnny Law’s final semester of law school’s been winding down, I’ve been reminiscing about the odd chain of events that transpired in order for me to agree to come along for the ride. In particular I’ve recalled some of the funny/random/insulting/ just plain odd comments people enlightened me with after they heard about our CRAZY plan to move a whole 7 hours away for him to go to school.

I’ve included a few of them here, but I’m secretly hoping to hear some doozies from the very few readers of this blog. Even if they didn’t involve law school, what are some of the most ridiculous backhanded compliments/lectures you’ve received? I’m sure someone’s got to be able to top me.

My List

  1. Well, (insert name here) put (insert name here) through law school and we all know how that one turned out. (ouch!)
  2. Oh, you’re engaged, and moving away…wow, well he’s in law school- that’s nice that you’ll have someone to take care of you. (Yes, thank you, I’m sure I’ll be well taken care of.. if by that you mean my lousy salary will be carrying the load and I won’t actually see my husband during daylight hours for the majority of three years.)
  3. You’re gonna need to buy some tie dye and Birkenstocks.
  4. Johnny Law’s a nice guy. You just tell him not to become an ass—- like all those other lawyers out there.

Hello world!

What should you expect at Wife Behind Bar(s)? Prepare to be astonished and amazed. Stay tuned for fun anecdotes, maybe some tips, but more likely lessons-learned at my expense as I try and survive this upcoming summer with my hubby “Johnny Law” as he prepares for the Bar Exam.

Why blog about it? After three years of watching Johnny Law have mood swings worse that an expectant mother who’s sworn off chocolate and caffeine for the duration of her pregnancy with quadruplets, it occurred to me that I’ve been missing many opportunities to document some hilarious material (and future blackmail)…so why not share it with the world.